Friday, April 18, 2014

Resistance builds strength...

Strength doesn't come from what you can't do. Strength is coming from the things you once thought you couldn't do and if you do them whilst overcoming fears, you'll find courage as well.
All new things that you will undertake will give you more strength, especially the things you are afraid of. Those things build tenacity and resilience. Building strength both mentally and physically requires always a level of resistance.

Due to a car accident I had to spent almost  a month in a hospital. All this time I stayed in bed and hardly used my legs. When after four weeks the doctor said that it was OK to leave my  bed, they had to stop me from jumping out of it right at that moment.  I couldn't wait to be active again. In the end it took me a few days before I could walk normally again and weeks before I had my full strength back. I learned  first handed that muscles will get weak very quickly when you don't use them. I used rubber bands and weights to gain my strength back.  I used rubber bands and weights to gain my strength back , in other words I used resistance.strenght

My dad picked me up from the hospital and he said: son, you drive. I felt fear and anxiety but also an immediate mental resistance. My dad made me drive knowing that I had to push through this fear for driving caused by he accident.

My body and mind  pushed back on me not to stop me but to build strength.
You have the same feeling with 'new things' you initial feel an internal resistance. Sometimes it is because you are breaking from an old habit. At others times it is just fear, caused by an event in the past or just because you have to leave your comfort zone.  Remember growth and change is just outside your comfort zone. Hence resistance is necessary to grow and to change. Growth and change makes us more experience and more experience makes us stronger.

"Be inspired and you shall inspire." ~ JD